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Profil and foto Kyuhyun n yesung super junior

Profil and Foto kyuhyun n yesung super junior

Kyuhyun and Yesung Super Junior (suju) are personnel who have the most fans among other personnel. In this lens you can find profiles and photos of Suju. This Boy band is consisting of 13 people formed by SM Entertainment. The name for their fans is the ELF and distinctive color that characterizes the ELF is a blue sapphire. I hope this information about Suju start from their photo and profile of Kyuhyun and Yesung can be useful for you.

Foto Super Junior

Super Junior Super Junior Super Junior Super Junior Super Junior Super Junior Super Junior Super Junior Super Junior Super Junior

Kyuhyun  Profile

Kyuhyun came from the Nowon district in Seoul and was born on February 3th, 1988. His height is 180 and 68 kg weight and has blood group o. Cho Ara is his older brother and Cho ara is two years older than kyuhyu. Kyuhyun's father is a chairman in the most famost company in Korea. Kyuhyun religion is Christian and at the age of 8 he start to record his songs.

Fact about Kyuhyun :

He won a Buddy star contest and become one of Super Junior member on Mei 23th, 2006. Kyuhyun had a little disturbance in his left ear due to infection when he is young, so his left ear has a less hearing.

He loves to play video game since the third grade of primary school and after school he always rushed into his house to play video game. The worse thing is, every time his friend ask kyuhyun to do outdoor activity, he always say politely "no" or he would say that he don't have money. What make me amaze is he has more than 50 nicknames. Usually, his fans calls him Leetuk Oppa but actually he prefer to be called as Gamekyu.

Yesung Profile

Kim Jong-woon or Yesung was born in Cheonan, South Chungcheong on August 24th, 1984 he was a Korean pop singer and an actor. Yesung is one of the four lead singers of Super Junior boy band. Yesung was also a radio announcer for the radio program, the name of the radio program is "MIRACLE" but unfortunately this radio company was ended in September 2007.

Yesung, if we translate it, it has the meaning of Sound Art and when it comes from the phrase it means "a vocal artist."

At a young age, he has shown his talent in singing. In 1999, Yesung joined the singing competition and won the gold medal at the "Chun Competition ".

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